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    "Our Motto from inception was to render high quality training, provide each and every one associated with us with an earning opportunity, and in turn support many families. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and would continue to maintain our committed service"


    >>> Medical Transcription: Being here for 14 years with excellent record we look forward from the companies and hospitals to directly outsource MT work to us.
    >>> Medical Coding and Billing: Having had some exposure in doing Medical Coding work, we are capable of taking up Coding project work for the hospitals.



The Online MT training program is of three/four month’s duration, scientifically structured to ensure that even those with a non-science background/undergraduate are trained to be good MTs. They can learn the medical terminology, anatomy, medical files and easily starts transcribe the training files easily. We do provide some sample materials free of cost so that one can get to know about this career. We will be providing the training materials at a time or in 3 stages; and give necessary instructions from time to time for getting proper training. We will give the online trainees our mail Id and add them in our messenger list. They can get day to day working guidelines online and have their doubts/difficulties clarified periodically through the messenger. On completion of each file, they can send it to us via e-mail/messenger and we will correct each file send back to them with instructions to achieve improvement from time to time. Once you transcribe standard medical audio files we will also provide them with live files and train in live files.

On completion of the entire training you will be ready for absorption as a Medical Transcriptionist or competent enough to independently do Home base transcription, and earn a decent income. Your proficiency, experience and performance can enable you to achieve a larger income levels. MTs salary start from upwards of Rs. 8000/- per month and high performers can easily achieve Rs. 15,000/- per month, within a short span of time. Experienced Home based transcriptionists earn a decent income over Rs.25, 000/- per month, as and when they achieve accuracy and speed. On completion of regular standard files, we provide live files, for a period of one month.

Trainees not able to complete the training within stipulated time, due to any other pre-occupation, can avail extension of time, without any additional costs.

TO GET ONLINE TRAINING THROGH US, Kindly refer to our Online training programme and you may contact: Mrs. D.Sujatha Director HR & Trg.

ONLINE Training: On joining the online training course, you will get the software’s needed to do the job such as DSS player, English dictionary etc. This will be installed at your place or supplied to you by a CD, through the courier.

The CDs consists of software’s like medical dictionary, drug dictionary, word finding software, gold wave (to improve voice quality), file transfer protocol, spell checker, AAMT guidelines, English dictionary, DSS/Express player, wave converter (voice to wave or wave to voice) etc.

If you need any other materials for your training, we will send you through mail, whatever required for transcription. You will also have 24-hour online help.

We will send theoretical study material, voice file for practice during the training. On receipt of the voice files, you have to listen to it and transcribe as per the voice dictation. You have to send these files to us after transcribing them, and we will correct the files and send it back to you.

This is complete job oriented training and all training related files shall be practical files only. We will give you sufficient number of wave files and text files for practice, in various specialties.

After joining course, you can to come online on messenger on a daily basis at your leisure time, and we will give you necessary guidelines and feedback. You can also have more live files for practice from time to time.

If you are unable to use messenger, we will send files through mail on a daily basis by e-mail and the very next day you will get feedback for the work done by you. When I am supposed to get live files for practice; is it after one month of joining the course or after you make some online assessment.

There will be no time limit for this. After joining the training, we will send you by courier software’s and other guidelines. After installing the software’s, from the very first day you can start the transcription work on training files. Once you acquire some experience, we will start sending live files through mail or messenger. We will try you provide with 10 to 15 dictators. Once we feel that you are comfortable on at least 3 to 5 dictators, we will place you on live jobs.

How to enroll for this ONLINE training programme:

The programme fee is one time payment of Rs.15, 000/- or $ 350 for the entire programme payable by cash/cheque or draft in favor of SSZ Infotech, Hyderabad. On receipt of the payment, we start the training programme; send you the required software/materials as stated above. Candidates trained by us through ONLINE need not pay any further fee to get HBT work, as you have already paid the training fees. Others who have already completed MT course and/or have some experience, need to pay the fees as mentioned in our folders under HBT work.