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    "Our Motto from inception was to render high quality training, provide each and every one associated with us with an earning opportunity, and in turn support many families. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and would continue to maintain our committed service"


    >>> Medical Transcription: Being here for 14 years with excellent record we look forward from the companies and hospitals to directly outsource MT work to us.
    >>> Medical Coding and Billing: Having had some exposure in doing Medical Coding work, we are capable of taking up Coding project work for the hospitals.



Reviews of our Medical Transcription programme
Reviews of our Medical Coding programme
Reviews of our Medical Billing programme
Reviews of Home Based Transcription


Mrs E.M.Mrunalini B.A Hyderabad
November 2012

I am a housewife aged 44 years, had Medical Transcription training a SSZ Infotech just to keep myself occupied. I was not that confident being a non-science graduate but the faculties took exceptional special interest to groom me to be a good MT. Immediately on completion of training, they have also provided me with a job opening, and I am ever grateful to them for the kind help rendered to me.

Ratna Bharani .M.N UG HYDERABAD
December 2012

With a fervent hope to get more medical knowledge, I joined SSZ Infotech in their MT training course. I was so much impressed by their systematic training, imparting specialized skills and periodically conducting tests both in theory and practical’s. I surpassed their expectations and completed the training fully in one month period. I would be taking up Medical Coding training also with them. Now, I am working as HBT with one of their associate. I am really grateful to them for such an opportunity.

Mercy Prameela K B.Sc Kurnool
October 2012

Even while doing graduation, I got trained at SSZ Infotech in their MT Training. They gave me evening training without affecting my college and studies. They have also helped me with a good placement, and this is of great financial relief to my parents. I want to undergo Medical Coding training as well in the days to come. I and my family are really thankful to them for the great help.

Qurshed Begum B.Sc Hyderabad
June 2012

With an ambition to have good job, I joined SSZ Infotech in their MT training. I underwent 5 months full time advanced training. I was impressed with the methodology and systems of training. On completion they have got me a job offer and I am confident that I would perform well and have cood career growth.

Mrs. GS. PERUMALLU M.Com Hyderabad
Decembere 2010

Although I am 60 I took training both in Medical Transcription and Medical Coding more for knowledge; and if possible to do coding work in USA. I found that the faculties at SSZ Infotech are totally committed and painstaking to train the individuals. I was greatly impressed with the training schedule and I have been referring to few of my friends. Really it is a course where one can earn if they are commited and serious in their approach

June 2012

A friend of mine introduced me to SSZ Infotech as a leading healthcare company and I joined them and got trained in MT and Medical Coding. They went in great depth to teach each specialty and I found that they are professionally committed to teach their trainees, till they achieve perfection. They conduct periodic tests to asses the performance. We were about 16 trainees in our batch and everyone of us were taken care of individually ; and all of us were absorbed to work as a MT. We have no words to express our gratitude to them.

H.Syamala UG Hyderabad:
June 2012

Hailing from Warangal, I migrated to Hyderabad and looking for good career growth. I approached SSZ Infotech, and Sir had asked me to get trained in MT and Coding. I joined them and simultaneously completed my graduation. I was totally happy and satisfied with the training. Sir, had got me a good opening as an MT in a leading company. I am confident that I will do my best and grow with the organization.

H.Lalaral Thapa UG Mizoram:
March 2011

I came to Hyderabad in search of a job. Another friend from Mizoram, who got trained at SSZ Infotech took me and asked me to join the MT course. I joined the training and I found that very difficult. Sir and Madam were continuously encouraging me and teaching me again and again till I could understand. Finally I got the confident and I had successfully completed my course. Understanding my financial difficulties, they had got me an immediate opening as MT. I came out of my financial burden and today (2012) I am working independently as HBT from Mizoram. I have no words of appreciation to them. They helped in time of need as God.

G. Sasikala Tenali
December 2011

I am a housewife UG and spending time with friends . I accidentally came across SSZ Infotech, who had asked me to take up MT training. I was reluctant as I was not sure of myself but still I joined the training. To be frank, I was after the faculties continuously to get my knowledge updated fully. But to my surprise I performed extremely well and couls surpass in all the tests with their commendation. I was so lucky that they have also got me a good job opening and I love the job now. I do not know how to express my appreciation to them, as They had totally transformed me.

Sujatha Housewife AS Rao Nagar:
Dec 2007

I was just a undergraduate and housewife for over 15 years and my husband was getting trained at SSZ Infotech for Medical Coding. During one of my visit to them I casually asked whether I can also learn. The response was positive and joined them for an advanced MT training course for 5 months. Day by day my confidence level grew and I was able to transcribe the routine files. Subsequently they had trained me in live work and then they themselves placed me in a company. I was thrilled as I found I am working along with 300 MT’s. My total life style, pattern of life, ambitions got totally changed. I am grateful to SSZ Infotech to have to have transformed my life from a mere housewife to be a part of the professionally qualified team

By Prem Kumar, HYDERABAD.
MARCH 7,2004.

At the age of was 55 and not that sure whether I can learn and earn, I joined to get trained at SSZ Infotech, YMCA, Secunderabad. Believe me that the training course was very interesting, practical; and the Senior Faculties had taken all the trouble to teach us in depth both theory and practicals. Along with the training they conduct weekly tests in theory and practicals to improve our performance. Also they had taken classes in English, communication skills, interview skills. On completion of the training I was absorbed in their company MT production unit, as a Junior MT. I worked for a period of four years with them and then took to Home base transcription. I also did Medical Coding training with them.

Now I am working independently as a Home Based MT HBT from Chennai and earn a substantial amount. Besides me there were eight colleagues of mine who took training and I find all of them are in very high position earning a big salary. I am grateful to SSZ Infotech to have groomed my career and life style.

By Uday Kumar, RP Road Secunderabad:
June 2005

Just on completion of my B.Com I joined SSZ Infotech as a MT. I took it as challenge to learned this course. The training was exemplary and the faculties insist that every one getting trained turns to be a successful MT; even non science persons get trained, learn and perform. I could outperform others and got good opening as a MT. By virtue of their intense training, I was promoted as a Proof Reader in one of the multinational company within a short period of one year. I am extremely happy and thankful to the staff of SSZ Infotech.


Dr.Balakrishna M.P Marar MBBS, Sonologist Hyderabad
December 2012

Although I am a professional Doctor with 11 years of medical background and good job, I still opted to do Medical Coding, as the career growth and earning potentials are too good. At SSZ Infotech, the training was really inspiring, practical, job oriented and the Sir takes great care and pains to train the trainees, I was amazed to see the way they train even beginners and non-science background trainees. I will be joining a leading health care MNC’s from Atlanta US and get posted at Hyderabad. I am grateful to Sir, for the excellent advice given to me and guidance.

K.Aruna M.Sc Nursing Hyderabad
December 2012

I am a post graduate student in M.Sc and working as a Senior Faculty in Government College at Hyderabad. I came to know through a friend about the scope and good career growth in Medical Coding and I joined SSZ Infotech for both Medical Coding and Medical Transcription course. The faculties took lots of pains to train us in all aspects of coding/transcription and are helpful to get the trainees a good job. I am hopeful of getting a good opening in US or Middle East, and they are assisting me in this regard.

Vineesha Annappa M.Sc Hyderabad
September 2012

Being a post graduate ion Micro Biology, I desired to enter the Medical Coding and had a thorough training at SSZ Infotech. I was amazed at the depth of training they gave and the opportunity given to me to do a project work on Radiology Coding. I have attended the interviews in some MNC’s, and hope to get placed in a health care company from Atlanta USA. I am grateful to Sir, for the opportunity.

M. Shravathi Under-graduate B.Sc. II Hyderabad
June 2011

As I was only an undergraduate, I joined SSZ Infotech in MT training; and they had also got me good position as MT. Within 6 months, the Sir at SSZ Infotech called me to do Medical Coding Training and I underwent the training. To my surprise they could get me a good job opening in one of the leading MNC.s as Medical Coder even though, I was under-graduate. I and my family are grateful to Sir for providing such a good opportunity and career growth.

Rohan Sasmal M.Sc Kolkata
December 2012

After my PG course, I joined SSZ Infotech in both Medical Transcription and Medical Coding. The training lasted four months and it was very interesting, intense, and in-depth job-oriented training. The faculties were taking lots of pain to train us well and they also helped me to get a good placement. Now my career is well settled, and I thank Sir for all his endeavors.

Mrs Seema Philip B.Sc.GN Kerala
September 2012

I have 8 years of experience in Hospitals at Middle East and when I came to India, for short stay, I did Medical Transcription and Coding, at SSZ Infotech, as it has high growth future in Middle East.. Now that I have completed the training successfully, I will move to Midle East for good job opening. The training was very interesting and they covered all the specialties in depth. I thank the faculties for their persuasive efforts.

Dr CH Keerthi Prasanna BDS Hyderabad
December 2012

Being from the medical background, I took to Medical Coding training at SSZ Infotech. The training provided by them was remarkable and extremely good. I was trained in Radiology Project Coding also. I am likely to get absorbed in a US based heath care MNC at Hyderabad. The Faculties are professionally qualified certified coders, who had grommed me to be perfect coder; and they even guide to do the job at USA/Middle East..

Dr. Samit Kallianpur BDS Endodontist
March 2011

Being an Endodentist, I ventured in the field of Medical Trasncription and Medical Coding, as the career growth and opportunities are unlimited. The job oriented training at SSZ Infotech impressed me a lot as they have all the new techniques to train and mould each and every trainee. I had spent about 6 months of my time there, when I had seen that housewives, undergraduates with non-science background etc also come and get trained well. The faculties make lots of efforts to mould them and endeavor their best to provide employment opportunities to all.

K.Vidya B.Sc GVN, Cuddapa; B.Sireesha B.Sc ANM, Nalgonda
V.Sree Lakshmi Dipl GGNM Mandur; V.Kalpana B.Sc GNM Mahboobnagar

Dec 2008

We four of us were working in Yashodha Hospital. We visited SSZ Infotech and the Sir there had advised us to get in to Coding for a good Career and growth. We believed him and did the course sincerely; and in turn they got us a good job opening for all of us. We are proud to say that we earn +Rs.30, 000/- and this has enhanced our self esteem, quality of life and has given a great fillip in our life style. We are really grateful to Sir for the advice.

D.Suman Reddy B.Pharmacy Nellore:
September 2007

After finishing the B Pharmacy, I took training in Medical Coding at SSZ Infotech. The Faculties are professionally qualified double certified coders, who had taught me from the beginning and made me as perfect coder. In-fact during the period of training itself they got me a placement in one of the reputed established company and today I am working as a Senior Coder. The management endeavors their best to provide placements to each and every trainee be it medical transcription, coding or billing.

Dr G Suresh Reddy DHMS KAPRA ECIL Hyderabad:
October 2007

Being from the medical background, I opted to do Medical Coding and joined SSZ Infotech. The training was really inspiring and the faculty had taken great pains to train the trainees, as most of them are from non-science background. On completion of the training, I was absorbed in their company and today I have respectable good position. Not only that I got a good career growth, they have transformed my wife also, who was just a housewife, in to a senior Medical Transcriptionist in a reputed company.

N.Sriveni M.Sc Hyderabad:
October 2007

I am a post graduate student in M.Sc and working with a corporate Hospital at Hyderabad as a senior dietician. I came to know through a friend about the scope and good career growth in Medical Coding and I joined SSZ Infotech for this course. The faculty took lots of pains to train us in all aspects of coding and he was also helpful to get the trainees placed in a good job.

Dr V.R Deshpande, MBBS MD Hyderabad:
November 2008

I am aged 64, a qualified MD and took to Medical Coding training at SSZ Infotech. The training provided by them was remarkable and extremely good. I keep going to US and wanted to engage myself as a Coder whenever I visit. The Faculties are professionally qualified double certified coders, who had made me perfect coder and guided me to do the job even at US.

V.Kalpana B.Sc :
October 2008

I was in the Nursing field and got in to medical coding due to the encouragement given to me by the Director Sir at SSZ Infotech. We were a batch of five nursing students and we all got trained for medical coding. The faculties are committed, professionally certified coders and taught us all aspects of Coding. They got me a placement and I am working as a senior coder. Two of my colleagues got married and went to US and they are working as coders there.

Dilnaaz Asha Shaheem Hyderabad :
June 2007

I was an undergraduate and was having an opportunity to visit US and hence I was looking for some courses, which can help me to work and earn when I go to US. By chance, I came across SSZ Infotech and they had advised me to do all the three training courses ie Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing. I immediately joined them and initially finding it difficult to catch up. The Faculties took lots of interest, started training me from a scratch. I also got committed to the course, worked hard and got trained fully. The special feature was that they have been conducting periodical tests, both in theory and practical; assessing individually and training them.

A.Sreelatha Jangoan
October 2007

I was a graduate from a rural area and was an ardent housewife. I had a desire to study and have some good career. I visited SSZ Infotech in 2007 and they were prepared to give the training in the medical courses with them. Initially I was reluctant as I was not that fluent in English and I had to commute more than 40 KM daily. But due to the encouragement given by Sir there, I joined them to have training in all the three courses they conduct viz Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing. Initially I found it difficult; but they were very cooperative and took all the pains to train me. Today I am proud to say that I am a qualified Medical Coder working in one of the reputed company at Hyderabad. This has enhanced my self esteem, quality of life and this has given a great fillip in my life style.

G.Asha M.SC Chittoor Hyderabad:
December 2008

On completion of my MSC I was not successful to get a good job opening. I visited SSZ Infotech and the Sir there had encouraged me to take up Coding course. I joined them immediately. It was a course for 2 months; whereas on completion of one month of training, I was sent by them to a company for placement. I got selected instantly, moved to Bangalore and I am now working as a senior Coder at Bangalore. I am grateful to them for the career growth given to me.

D.Sujatha M.Sc Bheemgal (Armoor District):
November 2008
I am a post graduate in M.Sc Nursing joined SSZ INFOTECH looking for better career growth in Medical Coding. Not only they gave me good training, but also placed me in a multi national company at Bangalore as a Medical Coder. Today I am in senior position with fat salary with perks.. I am really grateful to them to have enhanced my life style.


P.Shobha Mahendra Hills Hyderabad:
I was a housewife but much interested to learn and acquire knowledge in various sectors. As a house wife, I had done my graduation, MCA, C, C+, Jawa and many other courses. I had interest to learn the medical courses and casually approached SSZ Infotech. The Sir asked me to do the Medical Transcription. While doing this course I took interest and also got trained in Medical Coding and Billing. Being a housewife, I was not that keen to get in to any employment but our Sir had encouraged me, and asked me to just attend an interview. Surprisingly I got selected, and I joined the organization in their Billing department; and they subsequently moved me to their Coding department. Leaving apart the financial benefits, I got great fillip, status in society and my life style changed altogether. I am really grateful to Sir at SSZ Infotech for proper guidance.

B.V.Sujatha, Hyderabad :
After completing my M.A., I was just a house wife. On hearing about the various training courses under health care sector, I visited SSZ Infotech and the Sir there had encouraged me to take up Coding and Billing Training course. I joined them immediately and underwent training in Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing. It was an interesting experience as I was getting more and more knowledge of all medical specialties. I joined the courses just to acquire knowledge; but on completion of training, I was sent by the company for placement. I got selected instantly, to work in the Billing Department at Hyderabad; and it was inspiring for me to work in an IT organization. From a house wife to have got entry to work in Billing and Coding in a reputed company was a thrilling experience. It not only improved the financial position, but had given me a great status in society. I am grateful to SSZ Infotech for providing such an opportunity.

C.Rajni Hyderabad:
I was a post graduate in M.A. and was looking for some good career. I came to know through friends that there are good career growths under health care sector, I had visited SSZ Infotech and the Sir there had encouraged me to take up Coding and Billing Training. I joined them immediately, and underwent training in Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing. The training was very interesting, job oriented and I gained more and more knowledge of all medical specialties. On completion of training, I was sent by them for placement in Coding; but I got selected instantly, to work in the Billing Department at Hyderabad in a reputed company. Subsequently I got better prospects and I had moved to other organizations. Besides the monetary growth, I got better social status and my life style got enhanced. I am thankful to the Sir at SSZ Infotech to have guided me properly and to have given me a good career growth.

Home Based Transcription Reviews

Medical Transcription as a Home Business

Is Medical Transcription Training Worth The Trouble?

Depending on where you want to go with this profession and what kind of position you would like to hold, the medical transcription training is not nearly as extensive as a Ph. D. Although it is necessary to learn a lot of the medical terminology and be familiar with anatomy and physiology, many times the appropriate medical transcription training can be completed in a short period of time.

At some places, employers look to hire people who have completed postsecondary medical transcription training. This is offered at many vocational schools, community colleges, and distance-learning programs. The best way to get hired or be considered above the competition is to get as much on the job training as possible.

There are a number of things that will be covered in the training that will prepare you for an actual medical transcription job. Some of the most important aspects to the educational process include coursework in anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. Other coursework that may be taught includes legal issues with medical documentation, English, and perhaps the most important, on the job training.

After all of the medical transcription training, it is fortunate that the job outlook for the future is good. In fact, the profession and employment is actually projected to grow in the coming years up to 2020. There will be a high demand for medical transcription jobs because of a constant aging population as our society continues to live longer.

Making A Living As A Medical Transcriptionist

How Much Can You Make?

A lot of people ask me how much you can make as a medical transcriptionist. I have gone from starting right from school making about $500.00 a month. I later had my own transcription company and had others typing for me and made between $2,000 and $3,000 a month.

The more experience you have, the more you will make. The more typing you do, the more you will make. It is up to the individual MT how much money will be made. It will always be low when first starting out but if you keep with it and build up your experience you will be eligible for the higher paying jobs.

A lot of places pay medical transcriptionists by the page, some by the word, and some by the hour. I get paid by the word, so much per 1000 words. Every time I type a word I know I will be paid for it. This is not just typing though, this is medical transcription typing. You need your MT course to be a qualified medical transcriptionist.

Marilyn Roberts
Medical Transcriptionist

Working From Home: A Medical Transcriptionist Salary

“How do I find medical transcriptionist jobs?” is a question we hear more and more these days. Many people are seeking flexible jobs that allow them to work from home. Medical transcriptionist jobs offer a great option for anyone who dreams of working at their own home office. Medical transcriptionist Dorylanne Kennedy recently gave us inside information about medical transcriptionist training, helpful websites for medical transcriptionists, home-based medical transcriptionist jobs, and medical transcription companies. She also gave us a realistic picture of a medical transcriptionist salary and what it's like to attend training. This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in What is the average medical transcriptionist salary?

The average medical transcriptionist salary is about $40K. Pay is based on production, so the more productive a transcriptionist is, the more they earn. An experienced transcriptionist, with high production, easily earns $70K per year.

Doralynn Kennedy
Work @ Home – Acusis India

Until recently home-based medical transcription was popular only amongst US based transcriptionists. However it now has a strong foothold in India, and it is good news for those who are looking to complement their income by working from home or even for those who are compelled to stay at home due to personal reasons or family commitments. According to Rajiv Shetye,Vice President, Operations, Spryance India , a leading medical transcription company in Mumbai," The benefit of home based medical transcription (HMT) is that people can choose to work whenever they want to. The HMT model allows people to include three to four intervals of significant duration within their workday." HMT is an excellent career option for women in India because it allows them the flexibility to manage their families as well as have financial independence. Shetye says, "Not only does flexibility of this sort allow people,who otherwise get eliminated from the workforce, to become part of it once again, it even engenders entrepreneurship amongst them.That is some advancement, especially since the people that it benefits the most are highly qualified."

Earning Potential

Transcriptionists who are employed with organisations get fixed salaries. Freshers can earn anywhere between Rs.8,000-15,000 per month.There is tremendous potential for growth in this field. For those who work from home, pay is directly proportionate to productivity. Transcriptionists who work from home are paid on the basis of speed and accuracy. The pay ranges from 90 paisa to Rs.1.75 per line depending on the accuracy. Ananda Sanjeev, (DGM-Operations), Acusis says, "At Acusis, a home based professional working 7-8 hours a day for about 22 days in a month with a consistent transcription quality can easily earn Rs.22,000 to Rs.28,000.Over the years,they can expect their incomes to grow by 14 percent to 20 percent every year from their average earnings."  Some companies require security deposits (of around Rs. 10,000) before you join them. In companies like Infovison, it is refundable after you complete one-and-a-half years of service (including the onthe-job-training). However in companies, which encourage work-from-home, the deposit is most of the times non-refundable, because the company installs a host of licensed software in the HMT's P.C.

Jenny in Saltillo, Mississippi said: I also make a comfortable living doing MT. I love it. Where else can you do that and sit at home in your PJ's, go pick up the kids, get dinner ready, etc. I made over $60,000 last year MYathome in Yorba Linda, California :"I am soon to start studying to become an MT and am wondering what a seasoned MT makes for an average wage nowadays?"

Someone who knows in Brownstown, Indiana : Seasoned MTs can make anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000+, depending on how they do the work, i.e., working for some large national MT companies pays the least; working for yourself pays well; working for a hospital pays well, etc. There are many different ways to do the work. You do have to be well trained to make the best money. There is more to your ability to make money than just your knowledge. You need to know that the company you work for WILL have control over your connectivity whether you have the BEST and FASTEST ISP and latest and greatest computer equipment and setup. Remember, the company is in business to make money. Their goal is to get it done as cheap as possible in all aspects.

Escobab in Cape Coral, Florida said: Excuse me but please don't go about making an absolute fool of yourself by calling Indians "illiterate" on a forum like this one! Indians are where they are simply by the virtue of their hard work, dedication, and resilience...they are definitely better workers than most American fat ladies who are nothing short of snobs and who want to get paid more for doing less or if possible, for doing nothing at all!

Rojo in Grand Rapids, Michigan Honestly, I agree Indians should not be called illiterate, they can't help that English is not their primary language thus making it difficult for them to properly construct a sentence or even spell properly. But, you just made a fool of yourself for what you said about American workers. We Americans would not have gotten very far if we were what you describe. As for myself, I take great pride in the fact that all my employers, what few there are, have awarded me for my excellent quality work and I continue to produce said work...oh, and I am born and bred American. I produce a quality product and I expect to get top pay for that as should an Indian worker, a Chinese worker, any worker. We have to correct the horrible grammar of the doctors to make them look good, we should be compensated fairly for that.

MTathome in Yorba Linda, California:
There is literally NEVER a shortage of MT jobs. You can work for national MT companies, local MT companies, hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, or for yourself. Go here: www.mtjobs.com/ Click on "Find" next to "All Jobs." There are hundreds of jobs always available. As for pay, I make a very comfortable living doing MT.

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